Delight in Uncertainty

Most of us have a troubled relationship with uncertainty, often without even knowing it.

Our most difficult problems often stem from uncertainty: procrastination, overwhelm, distraction, anxiety, frustration with others, beating ourselves up, trouble with forming (or quitting) habits, health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, control or perfectionist issues.

At the root of these is our troubled relationship with uncertainty. We don’t like uncertainty, we want to avoid or control uncertainty, we get stressed when we can’t. And uncertainty is unavoidable: everything is uncertain all the time!

The good news is that uncertainty doesn’t have to be this terrible thing that we hate and need to avoid. In fact … we can find joy in uncertainty.

We can delight in uncertainty, and fall in love with it.

This new relationship with uncertainty can unlock so much for us — freedom and joy and the ability to take on whatever we want.

Let’s dive in!

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