Finding the Delight in Uncertainty

We might instinctively dislike uncertainty, but in truth, we would be so bored without it. Imagine watching a movie and always knowing how it turns out, or reading the same book over and over. We want surprise, adventure, and possibility.

Uncertainty is the place where we learn — if we are certain about something, there’s nothing new to learn. It’s the place where we form intimate relationships, create art, make something new. It’s the place of discovery, play, dance, growth. It’s the pre-requisite for all of this!

Connect with the times when you’ve felt the most meaning and joy: these times were filled with delicious uncertainty!

Imagine going out into the unknown, on an adventure, and find the delight in the uncertainty.

Imagine doing something meaningful for someone, with uncertainty along for the ride, adding so much meaning to the endeavor.

Imagine the uncertainty and dance of a new relationship, the vulnerability and discovery of it.

Notice the uncertainty in your life right now: is there a way you could be grateful for it? Can you savor it, like a delicious desert? Can you delight in it, like a newly discovered aria?

Can you allow yourself to open to it, and fall in love with the uncertainty of your life?

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